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Your company needs packaging that will make your vitamins and supplements stand out on a crowded shelf. You must also ensure your packaging complies with labeling regulations. Willings Nutraceutical has one of the widest varieties of packaging options in the industry and can meet your needs from start to finish. 

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Vitamin and Supplement Packaging Solutions

Willings Nutraceutical is committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality packaging and quickest turnaround times. We’ll work with you to help you choose the vitamin and supplement packaging that will keep your company compliant while catching customers’ attention. Our packaging options include:

Popular Hard & Soft Packaging Formats

Willings offers numerous packaging and material options. Below are some of our most popular and frequently asked about formats.

Have questions about specific material options or packaging sizes? Don’t see what you’re searching for? Contact our team online. We’re happy to provide more information on our capabilities. 

Market Trends for Packaging

Today’s supplement buyers are savvy shoppers. They’re looking for vitamins and dietary supplements free from fillers, binders and unneeded additives. They want vegetarian and vegan-friendly omega-3s, non-GMO multivitamins and organic probiotics.

We pay attention to the latest trends and translate them into our supplement packaging, creating quality products. Along with staying on top of consumer demand, we operate an FDA-registered facility with a dedicated quality assurance department, so you can feel confident your supplements will offer value to the public.

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Ensure Compliance With Vitamin and Supplement Packaging

The FDA has strict rules regarding vitamin and supplement packaging. Our supplement packaging company understands the importance of having supplements that are compliant with the FDA to protect consumer health and safety. We can suggest a labeling company to work with to ensure FDA compliance. 

In 2017, we adopted a Corporate Quality Policy, promising to supply our customers with products that conform to the established requirements. We’re constantly working to improve our quality, performance and processes to meet your expectations and ensure compliance. 


We offer a wide range of packaging, from bottles to pouches to stick packs and more. 

You should use your existing labels — provided they pass our quality assurance and comply with the FDA’s guidelines. We don’t create labels for you but can help you partner with a label-making company.

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As a supplement packaging manufacturer, we can help you create packaging that’s fully compliant and eye-catching. To learn more, contact us for a quote today.

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