World-Class Dietary Supplement Contract Manufacturing Services

Choosing a reputable company to manufacture your dietary supplements can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful product line. Trusting a company with a comprehensive range of services under one roof streamlines manufacturing, fulfillment and packaging, allowing you to deliver your products to your customers faster. 

At Willings Nutraceutical, we’ve established ourselves as an industry leader by prioritizing cost-effectiveness, fast turnaround times, superior quality and unparalleled customer service. We partner with companies of any size throughout a broad industry range to deliver turnkey solutions across each manufacturing stage. 

Our Process From Start to Finish

Understanding each step of supplement manufacturing is critical for meeting marketing deadlines and making your product available for consumers. The professionals at Willings Nutraceutical have decades of combined experience helping clients choose the optimal formulations, best ingredients and most effective manufacturing techniques for their needs. We’ll stand by your side through every manufacturing phase, updating you with clear, transparent communication.

The process includes:

Our Supplement and Vitamin Contract Manufacturing Formats

Since 2002, Willings Nutraceutical has emerged as a leader in producing the highest-quality supplements, offering contract manufacturing solutions at cost-effective pricing with the fastest turnaround times. Whether you’re developing a multivitamin gummy for pets or a protein powder for sports nutrition, we can handle any industry’s needs in any product format.

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Contract Manufacturing Offerings

Popular Manufacturing Formats

We offer supplement manufacturing methods in several formats to meet nearly any application’s unique needs, including:

Supplement Genres and Markets

Willings Nutraceutical manufactures supplements for a diverse range of industries and consumer categories, including:


Vitamins are naturally occurring micronutrients representing one of the largest manufacturing sectors, with products including various delivery formats.
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Many consumers use supplements in different forms to add nutritional value to their diets or augment their health.
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Sports nutrition

These supplements include powders, tablets, gummies and other forms that boost performance in various athletic activities.
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Protein powder

Protein powder is the most popular supplement among bodybuilders, fitness enthusiast, professional athletes and older adults requiring an enhanced protein intake.
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Probiotics and digestive health

Probiotics consist of microorganisms and good bacteria that help prevent bloating and improve digestive health.
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Pet vitamins

Animal supplements come in various oral formats to enhance your pet’s diet or help treat or prevent specific diseases. 
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Choosing a reliable partner

How to Select the Right Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturer

Since different manufacturers often specialize in specific supplement categories and delivery formats, choosing a reliable partner that can handle all your needs — from product development and manufacturing to fulfillment and packaging — can sometimes be challenging.

Several examples of the top things to consider when selecting a manufacturing partner include:


Some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients include:

Willings Nutraceutical is NSF GMP registered, USDA certified and FDA registered and compliant, among many others.

We offer contract supplement manufacturing to a comprehensive category range, including vitamins and supplements, sports nutrition, digestive health, pet vitamins and more.

We provide industry-best fulfillment and custom contract packaging services like high-speed bottling, blister packaging, pouching, powder filling and shrink wrapping.

Although turnaround times depend on the equipment used, ingredient types and delivery format, Willings Nutraceutical offers some of the industry’s fastest delivery times. 

Our typical turnaround times range from 4 to 6 weeks, based on the order size and complexity of the order. We are also able to rush orders and get them done in as little as 2 weeks, depending upon the order size and the complexity of the order.

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