Capsule Manufacturing and Filling Services

Since 2002, dietary supplement companies have considered Willings Nutraceutical their primary source for high-quality capsule manufacturing and filling services. Our capabilities enable total customization of capsule size, color and materials to meet each client’s unique specifications. From product conception and capsule filling to quality control inspections and final delivery, we do it all with cost-effective prices and fast turnaround times.

As one of the industry’s leading capsule manufacturing and filling companies, we understand the importance of marketing unique vitamins and supplements specific to your brand. We follow each formulation and specification precisely and efficiently, ensuring your final product meets the highest quality standards while complying with industry regulations.


Top-Class Capsule Manufacturing and Filling Services From Willings Nutraceutical

Capsules are one of the most popular delivery formats of vitamins and supplements because they’re more economical to manufacture than other forms and easier for customers to consume. Capsules fit well into various container types and are lighter to ship, translating into cost savings for your company. Because of their versatility, capsules can accommodate nearly any ingredient combination to produce a broad range of nutraceutical products.

In addition, capsules come in different sizes, colors and materials, enabling clients to customize their supplements based on unique specifications or branding needs. Our vast manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities streamline the secondary phases, allowing us to use packaging solutions based on your company’s logo or message. If you need assistance with product development, our specialists can help you research industry trends and choose the best ingredients and materials to help your supplement line stand out.

Closeup of a collection of bright orange capsules filled with turmeric.

Manufacturing Capabilities

As one of the industry’s top capsule manufacturing companies and filling service providers, we offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to meet your product requirements, including various materials, sizes, appearances and printing options. Our professionals can meet with you to help you choose the most optimal formulations and packaging components to meet your brand’s needs. We can also ship directly to you, deliver to a distribution center or store your product at our temperature-controlled warehouse for just-in-time delivery later.

Our filling capabilities are ideal for products requiring flexible dosing or involving gram-based formulations, including multivitamins, amino acids, collagen proteins and more. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse facilities protect your capsules from potentially harmful elements like moisture and cross-contamination.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of our capsule manufacturing capabilities. Don’t see your desired manufacturing criteria listed? Contact us anyway — our team will be more than happy to help!

Why Choose Willings Nutraceutical for Custom Pills and Capsules?

Clients choose Willings Nutraceutical because we perform the job right the first time. Embracing the latest technological trends and prioritizing world-class customer service are two critical factors determining how we emerged as one of the industry’s most reputable capsule manufacturing companies. We can handle all your manufacturing needs under one roof to streamline delivery to your customers, including fulfillment, packaging and final delivery.

One of the main reasons for our years of success is honest, transparent communication for each project we undertake. We work with each client to carefully create product formulations and follow strict manufacturing standards to ensure we meet all specifications and quality levels. Our project management team will keep you informed throughout the project phases to ensure your customers receive their supplements exactly when needed.

We use the industry’s top ingredients and materials, advanced equipment and processes, and years of experience to deliver the highest-quality nutraceutical products and fulfillment services.

Capsule Contract Manufacturing and Filling Benefits

Willings Nutraceutical gives each client the individual attention they deserve throughout every capsule manufacturing phase, regardless of the company size or project scope. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience helping clients choose the best formulas, premium ingredients and superior materials to create top-of-the-line supplements meeting their precise needs.

Some benefits you’ll enjoy when partnering with us include:



Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions our customers ask us about capsule manufacturing include:

Willings Nutraceutical possesses five primary certifications, including:

  • NSF GMP registration
  • FDA registration and compliance
  • NSF 306, Section 6
  • USDA certification
  • GMP certification


We use various shipping methods based on your needs, including customer-direct deliveries or drop-shipping at your distribution center. We can package your capsules in various forms to meet your product requirements, including blister packaging or bottling. Our packaging department also offers secondary contracting services like carton packing, overpacking and shrink wrapping.


Willings Nutraceutical has a dedicated quality control department that performs product and process checks across each manufacturing phase, from material inspection and ingredient verification to precision filling and product delivery. Additionally, we can perform testing and quality checks based on your product’s unique requirements.

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