About Our Nutraceutical Manufacturing Company

Willings Nutraceutical provides a range of nutritional manufacturing and packing solutions. We work one-on-one with our customers, providing individualized solutions that meet their unique needs. 

Our company started in 2002 as a contract packaging services provider for the nutritional industry. We later began offering nutraceutical manufacturing in addition to packaging. Because of our origins as a packaging maker, we understand the importance of branding and marketing. Your company wants to offer a high-quality and effective product to your customer base.

Learn more about what we offer as a nutraceutical manufacturer and packaging company and why you should work with us. 

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Our Goal

The vitamin and supplement industry is ever-changing and evolving as consumer needs and expectations change. Our goal is to meet your manufacturing needs by producing quality supplements that satisfy market demands.

But we’re more than a supplement manufacturer. We also work with our clients to help them bring their brand visions to life. We offer a wide range of nutritional packaging options, including packaging customization based on your unique needs. 

We want to form long-lasting relationships with the supplement companies we partner with. To do that, we keep on top of market trends, provide the fastest turnarounds possible and deliver high-quality service.


Our capabilities aren’t limited to packaging or manufacturing alone. We offer a full menu of services to the companies we work with:

  • Contract manufacturing: We can manufacture functional food, vitamins and minerals, powder herbs, sports nutrition and condition-specific supplements.
  • Packaging: There’s no maximum to our packaging services, and we have flexible minimum order quantities. We offer the quickest turnaround times and the highest-quality packages.
  • Order fulfillment: Our warehouse is temperature- and humidity-controlled and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Private label manufacturing: We offer private label manufacturing to allow you to sell supplements under your brand and packaging without a large upfront investment.


We hold the following certifications:

  • NSF GMP Registered (NSF/ANSI 173, Section 8)
  • FDA Registered and Compliant
  • NSF 306, Section 6 (NSF Sport) 
  • USDA Certified 
  • GMP Certified

Why Choose Us?

Whether you work with us for our supplement manufacturing or packaging solutions — or both — you can count on:

We aim to provide the fastest turnaround so you don’t have to wait for your product packaging.

Our packaging services are available to companies with flexible minimum order size requirements. 

We’re registered with the FDA and undergo regular inspections.

Our facility is NSF- and NSF Sport-certified to meet public health regulations.

Our private-label manufacturing option helps your company get its product to market while enjoying substantial savings.

We put our customers first and strive to meet their unique needs. We’re always working to improve our quality, processes and performance to serve our customers best. 

We provide individualized solutions to our customers and will work with you to develop one that’s just right for your company. 

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Whether your company needs supplement manufacturing, packaging or a combination of both, Willings Nutraceutical wants to work with you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we’ll go above and beyond for you.

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NSF GMP and USDA Certified