Gummy Vitamin Packaging and Partnerships

Do you have a great idea for a gummy vitamin but need help figuring out where to start? Willings Nutraceutical is here to help.

Our team maintains relationships with multiple gummy manufacturers in the USA. We can help support your business growth by collaborating with our experienced manufacturing partners while we expertly handle the fulfillment. Our FDA-compliant facilities offer high-quality packaging solutions and fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

The Benefits of Custom Gummy Vitamins 

Gummy products are a great way to package nutrient-rich vitamins and encourage customers to look after their health. Gummy vitamins look like candy, are soft and chewable, and are an excellent alternative for customers who can’t stand the texture, smell, or taste of hard vitamins meant for chewing or swallowing whole. 

While gummy vitamins are often associated with supplements specifically formulated for children, this form is popular for consumers of all ages. Many people prefer to take their supplements in gummy form, as they often taste better and are more appealing to other senses, encouraging people to take their vitamins more regularly.

A Quick Look at Our Manufacturing Partners’ Capabilities

At Willings Nutraceutical, we pride ourselves on having a diverse manufacturing network with quality commitments and industry certifications to help your brand promote customer satisfaction and confidence.

Whether you need a sugar-free, vegan or organic gummy manufacturer or want to cater to a broader customer base with kosher and halal vitamins, our partners can provide the formula for your contract manufacturing needs. Their process also includes inspecting the product to verify consistent quality and providing an appropriate seal for freshness and safety.

Every product will receive the label you provide, which shares the necessary information about the gummy vitamin. If you’re looking for a company to design and produce your labels, we can also connect you with a reputable third party specializing in nutraceutical label design and compliance.

Advantages of Working With Willings Nutraceuticals and Our Network of Gummy Vitamin Manufacturers

When you partner with us, you have access to the experience and expertise of multiple custom gummy manufacturers and a knowledgeable nutraceutical fulfillment team that can help with:

  1. Conception and formulation: Our manufacturing partners have the expertise to assist with identifying the best formulation, including flavor, texture and shape, to meet your brand’s needs and appeal to your target audience.
  2. Cost competitiveness: With our extensive network, we can quickly get custom quotes from several partners for you to compare. Plus, we’ve pre-negotiated rates with them to save you even more!
  3. Expert manufacturing: The custom gummy manufacturer expertly creates your product using your unique formula and the mold you choose.
  4. Quality control: A dedicated quality assurance team performs product checks for each manufacturing stage in the process.
  5. Product delivery: Once manufacturing is complete, our partner delivers your gummies to our facilities.
  6. Bottling and packaging: Willings Nutraceutical can use your branded packaging to help you stand out in the nutraceutical aisle. Our quality assurance practices assess existing labels to verify that your product is FDA-compliant. We also offer various packaging options, from bottles to overwraps to cartons.
  7. Storage and fulfillment: We handle all your shipping requirements, whether you want us to deliver directly to your location, arrange delivery from companies like Amazon, drop-ship to a distribution center or store your product at our facility until needed. Our warehouses are temperature- and humidity-controlled and comply with GMP standards.

Why Choose Willings Nutraceutical as Your Packaging and Fulfillment Provider?

If you’ve already identified or contracted with a reputable gummy vitamin manufacturer, Willings Nutraceutical can still meet your packaging and fulfillment needs.

Partnering with us has several benefits. Since our start as a contract packaging company in 2002, we’ve always focused on creating a customer-centric environment and meeting regulatory public health standards. Our facility receives regular inspections to confirm that our conditions meet FDA requirements.

We also pride ourselves on being one of the fastest and most flexible gummy vitamin packaging, storage and fulfillment providers in the industry. We understand that every client has unique inventory requirements, so we’ll work with you and your manufacturer to develop an accurate production, stock and fulfillment strategy for your demand.

Other advantages to choosing Willings Neutraceuticals as your packaging partner:

  • We offer competitive pricing and fast turnarounds.
  • We can handle many types of products, including supplements, sports nutrition, probiotics and pet gummies.
  • We’re based in New Jersey, so our convenient location is strategically placed to serve companies all along the East Coast.
  • We have experience storing sensitive supplements and managing inventory for lots with expiration dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions our team hears most often.

At Willings Nutraceutical, we pride ourselves on keeping up to public health standards. Our main certifications include:

  • National Science Foundation (NSF) registration
  • FDA registration and compliance
  • NSF 306 (Section 6) compliant
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification
  • NSF Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification

Many of our manufacturing partners are willing to accommodate smaller order requirements, offering flexibility for growing brands. Contact us for more details.

We ship domestically and can also handle deliveries to many countries worldwide. Our New Jersey location makes us a practical choice for companies on the East Coast and in the Northeast region. We’re also strategically located near many transportation modes and hubs for additional convenience.

We provide flexible shipping methods depending on your business needs. We can conduct customer-direct deliveries or drop-shipping at a distribution center of your choice. We offer many other shipping options based on your preferences. Our professionals can also help you register your brand with Amazon.

Our experienced network partners can adapt their processes to your needs and product visions.

Whether you have a specific flavor in mind, want your gummies to be a certain shape that fits your brand or need to offer a sugar-free vitamin, we can connect you with the right manufacturer to accommodate those requests. Let us know what you need, and we’ll identify the best options for your goals.

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