Quality Assurance

The highest QUALITY standards are the key driver of success for any company. At Willings, we ensure optimal Quality throughout the entire production process. Quality checks are carried out at all stages of production.

We have a dedicated team in the Quality Assurance Department, as well as Central Support staff that have developed in house processes to meet the stringent requirements of our partners and esteemed clientele. Our processes are reviewed periodically to assess the ever increasing business complexity and newer challenges with respect to product and work safety.

Our endeavor to recognize, learn and mitigate risks has enabled our partners to put in their trust in Willings to be their “production” supply chain partners for years.

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Apart from third party inspections for our clients Willings has successfully completed its last FDA inspection in March, 2017 with ZERO observations. Willings is now an “Approved Foreign Site” for Canada & South Korea by the Natural Heath Products Directorate, Health Canada and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Republic of Korea, respectively. Certification by the European Union is in-process.
As a part of our ongoing efforts to improve Quality & Compliance, to highest standards Willings Goals for 2017 has been to further enhance the standards of:

  1. Equipment & Facility
  2. Quality Culture
  3. Documentation

This initiative will provide opportunities for increased training and an exchange of information required to enhance knowledge -- This in turn will increase our compliance and our adaptability to the requirements of our Clients.

In August 2017 Willings has adopted “Corporate Quality Policy” . It states as ……

“We will supply our customers with products and services which conform to clearly established requirements/ specifications. We will continually improve our Quality, processes and operational performance to better meet our customers’ expectations, product quality and compliance. We will implement improved processes and provide employee training to prevent deviations. Each Willings employee will adopt the standard of performance to “do it right the first time, every time”.